Roving Characters

Looking for something different for an event, why not try a roving character, see below for character descriptions.

Lou Lou The Clown loves to impress everyone with her ability to ride, skip, jump and juggle on a unicycle.
Lou Lou is a master of creative juggling, in fact she can juggle just about anything including your shoes!
She also twists balloons into awesome creations from a sword to a crazy eyed fish she can make just about everything. 
Kids and parents alike love Lou Lou, she's that clumsy but loveable clown you wish was your aunty.


Aerobics wannabe and Gym fanatic Suzie loves showing people her new exercise moves.  Hoping to be the next Jane Fonda, Suzie brings fun and laughter to any event.

Expect to see her trying to attempt leg raisers on a unicycle and increasing her heart rate and maybe yours too with her super skipping on a unicycle.
And what else do you get with Sport Suzie, well retro fashion of course and maybe even balloons if you’re willing to do push ups to get one that is!

Roving character performances include: Juggling, (optional: balloon twisting), unicycling, circus tricks and comedy.